Bow Front Aquarium

There are a large number of companies that deal in the manufacture and the supply of different varieties of aquariums. Not only aquariums but these companies also supply other accessories and products required for aquarium hobby. One very popular variety of aquarium shape used in the modern times is the Bow Front Aquarium that adds contemporary style and dimension to the shape of a standard aquarium. Curved and tempered glass front panel renders a very spectacular viewing area. Along with this feature there is the Black Seal silicone that adds a very stylish appeal to the saltwater or freshwater set up. The size of a front bow aquarium can range from 16 to 340 gallons. Some popular varieties of bow front aquariums have been described below:

Bow Front AquariumBow Front and Curved Glass Aquariums

The curved front or “Euro” aquarium is a very non-traditional and beautifully shaped aquarium that has been designed in such a way that it suits every style. The size of this aquarium ranges from 20 to 80 gallons. The main features of the Bow Front and Curved Glass Aquarium from Euro include:

•    Silicone sealed for the prevention of leakage and capillary action.

•    Distortion-free glass.

•    Designed to last

•    Black frames made of plastic at the bottom and the top.

•    Scratch resistant.

•    Lifetime warranty on glass.

Stands for such aquariums are easily available in simple and latest designs.

SeaClear 46 Gallon Bow Front Acrylic Aquarium 36X16.25X20

The 46 gallon bow front acrylic aquarium is three colors and they are black, cobalt blue and clear. The acrylic thickness is 3/16″ and Body is 3/8 Top. This 46 gallon Bow Front Aquarium is made of SeaClear luminous acrylic and combines the benefit of modern design with acrylic construction. This aquarium is almost half the weight of a comparably sized glass tank and possesses exceptional clarity. Here, it is important to note that acrylic is about seventeen times stronger in comparison to glass and other materials commonly used in designing aquariums. All bow front aquariums from SeaClear are acrylic and they possess no degradable sealers. The seams of these aquariums are heat polished and molecularly bonded and not joined with sealers or glue. This is the reason why the bow front aquariums from SeaClear are break proof and leak proof. The bow front aquariums from SeaClear are safe for saltwater and freshwater use. The SeaClear 46 gallon bow front acrylic aquarium has been manufactured to suit canopies and stands from different manufacturers. The price of this aquarium is about $349.99.

SeaClear 46 Gallon Bow Front Systems II Acrylic Aquarium 36X16.25X20

The 46 gallon bow front systems II acrylic aquarium from SeaClear is one of the easiest methods of creating a breathtaking saltwater or freshwater aquarium set-up. This aquarium from SeaClear is entirely equipped with a dry and wet filtration system accommodating biological, mechanical and chemical filtration media along with a space for protein skimmer or heater if required. The aquarium is made of acrylic and features even and rounded corners for safety and great looks. The shape of the aquarium has been designed in such a way that it makes the aquarium economical, efficient and convenient to run. It is full hood possessing fluorescent fixtures with no bulb included and comes with a lifetime warranty against any type of leakage. This aquarium costs around $551.66. The main features of the SeaClear 46 gallon bow front systems II acrylic aquarium include:

•    Four way adjustable skimmer gate for preventing the fishes from entering the filter.

•    Cleaning is very simple due to the rapid change prefilter.

•    Optional protein skimmer or heater chamber.

•    Biological media with high surface area.

•    It possesses a bio-aire drip tray for distributing water evenly through the biological filtration enhancing the aerator.

•    Air-injection nozzle.

•    Clear slot for viewing the water level in the filter.

•    Turbulence manifold for the circulation that is unsurpassed by other built-in filters.

•    350gph submersible pump.

340 Gallon Bow Front Acrylic Aquarium from Tsunami Brand 72X30X36

The 340 gallon bow front acrylic aquarium from Tsunami possesses a wet and dry filter along with a Pan World 200PS Pump and also includes a custom insert. It is made of the highest quality acrylic and is polished and hand built.