46 Gallon Bow Front Aquariums

46 Gallon Bow front Aquariums are a great way to showcase your love of fish and marine life on a small scale without being stuck with a fish in a bowl. A high-quality tank gives you a perfect spot to showcase your small to medium sized fish, particularly community fish. Whether you want to showcase your Nano fish and live rock display in a compact yet spacious tank or you want to display the calming effect of your school of calming yet dramatic Danio’s the 46 Gallon Bow front is the Aquarium for you. The smooth look of these tanks blends functionality and style all in one spacious living area for your fish-friends.

The base design of a Bow front tank allows for more aquascaping potential and gives more room for your fish to swim compared to the typical, standard rectangle tanks. The Bowed, angular front panel on the tank not only looks unique and is an obvious choice for those wanting to display their tanks in the most favorable way but also makes your reef or tank settings appear a little big larger then they appear giving you the added thrill of feeling as though you have a larger tank on a smaller budget.

These tanks are easy to set up, no more effort then your normal standard tanks. They have a more open floor plan to allow for interesting arrangements of aquarium safe display pieces or live rock, suitable both for the everyday breeder and the simple hobbyist as well. They leave plenty of space for coral or live plants to be grown and enjoyed while still having more then enough room for the fish inhabitants. The added space of the bow front allows for lagoon style rock work or stacking it high on one side and lower on the other side to give that sloped peninsula look. There really is no way to go wrong with a 46 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium. Style, flare and ease of set up and use all in one great package.

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