Do You Need a Bow Front Aquarium?

Aquariums come in all shapes and sizes, but the biggest decision for most enthusiasts is whether they’ll buy straight-front or bow front aquarium. The bow front is wider in the middle and somewhat resembles a pregnant aquarium. The bow front aquariums come in various sizes, but the 72-gallon model is probably the most popular.So why do you need a bow front aquarium? It really comes down to personal preference. The bowed effect of the front glass slightly distorts the view inside the and that is a look at some people really prefer. Bow front aquariums also tend to look a bit more unusual and exotic and they’re a great choice for someone looking to upgrade the look of their collection.

Because of their construction bow front aquariums can be a bit more expensive that the same size rectangular model. And because of the wider center, they require a special stand and sometimes a bit more area for display.But there’s a good reason that the 72 gallon bow front aquarium is one of the most popular sizes for sale in most stores. They just look amazing. And the larger width in the center allows for a more complex coral or stone display inside the tank.

They can also be lit in some extraordinary ways, making them a much better choice for an owner hoping to have an aquarium that makes a visual impact.The bow front aquarium is also a better choice if you have a large fish. The wide center area allows the fish more room to turn around and that can be an important consideration for fish accustomed to having a lot of space in which to swim.The only real downside for bow front aquariums is that the slight distortion in the glass can make it more difficult to take pictures of your fish. But that’s a small quibble and chances are you’ll really love this unusual and fun approach to aquariums.

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