My Thought About Oceanic Aquariums

Oceanic Aquariums are a wonderful addition to any setting. Peaceful, tranquil and undoubtedly beautiful in their own unique way. It’s like bringing a small piece of the ocean into your home. A salt water tank not only allows you to keep fish you wouldn’t normally be able to see around you but it adds a serene aura to the room it’s placed in. Salt water reef fish are generally very brightly marked, swim in schools and are very active and entertaining to watch. Setting up a salt water aquarium may take some time, money and research but it’s with every second and every penny spent.

Salt water aquariums can get pricey but there are levels to the tanks that make them more, or less, expensive. A “Fish Only” tank, for the entire set up of 29 gallon aquarium, gravel, filter, lighting, test kits, food, nets, scrapers and quarantine tank can cost upwards of three hundred dollars. A “Reef Tank” with the same size aquarium, sand, filter, power heads for water movement, protein skimmer, hydrometer, salt mix, live rock, test kits, lighting, food, nets, scrapers, refugium (For culturing live food for coral and fish), quarantine tank and reverse osmosis filter can cost upwards of twelve hundred dollars.

Which set up you choose is up to you, your preferences and your budget. Reef tanks certainly have the ‘full ecosystem’ appeal but having some brightly colored fish in a hand full of live rock can be just as, if not more appealing to those on a tight budget who just want to break into the hobby. Another usually unnoticed but amazingly fun feature of salt water aquariums is the seemingly unlimited supply of invertebrates available to keep in a salt water tank. Coral, Clams, Shrimp, Sea Stars and Feather Dusters are just the beginning of a long list of creatures to choose from that accent not only your tank but your fish as well.

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